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Scientific Topics

  • Analysis of High Dimensional Data
    (Session Chair: Mr. Brunner)
  • Bayesian Methods
    (Session Chairs: Mr. König, Mr. Nehmiz)
  • Clinical Studies
    (Session Chair: Mr. Röhmel)
  • Confounder Control in Observational Studies
    (Session Chair: Mrs. Foraita)
  • Didactics in der Biometry
    (Session Chair: Mrs. Rauch)
  • Education for Statistics in Practice
    (Session Chair: Mrs. Roll)
  • Ethics and Responsibility
    (Session Chairs: Mrs. Foraita, Mrs. Pigeot)
  • Mixed Models in Agriculture and Medicine
    (Session Chairs: Mr. Kuss, Mr. Spilke)
  • Nonclinical Statistics
    (Session Chairs: Mr. Hothorn, Mr. Kreienbrock, Mr. Vonk)
  • Nonparametric Statistics
    (Session Chair: Mr. Konietschke)
  • Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics
    (Session Chair: Mr. Beissbarth)
  • Survival Analysis
    (Session Chairs: Mr. Beyersmann, Mr. Wienke)
  • Young Statisticians
    (Session Chair: Mrs. Müller)